LodgeStat – Energy Management and Remote Control System

  • Energy Management
  • Guest Comfort and Ease of Use
  • Manage Housekeeping
  • Manage Maintenance
  • Color Touch Screen
  • Monitors Temperature, Humidity and Motion
  • No-cost Level 1 Monitoring
  • Low Cost Hardware
  • Simple Setup
  • Fast Installation

The system allows a front desk to manage temperature, monitor humidity, sense motion, and to control costly HVAC functions. This system closes the loop on cleaning staff and maintenance functions with the front desk. The reception desk can be either on-site or across town, anywhere with internet access. (Great for off-property condo and time-share management)


Temperature limits can be remotely set for both heating and cooling modes. Any user or remote changes are logged to the cloud and are accessible to lodge management staff. Vacant rooms can be set to energy saving setpoints. If internet service is interrupted, the thermostat reverts to a “stand alone” mode and will operate independently as any thermostat, using the latest setpoints.

Management of Availability and Maintenance:

Built-In communications allows immediate front desk annunciation (and logging) of when the room/unit is clean and ready for guests. The system also indicates which of the cleaning staff has cleaned the room. Any maintenance performed or required in the room can also be easily logged as well. (No cell phones or apps required)


LodgeStat easily replaces any conventional thermostat and usually installs in less than 20 minutes.

Wireless Communications:

Each LodgeStat communicates via its’ own built-in wireless network with the AT101 Master unit. There is no other wireless setup needed as it does not use the Lodge’s WiFi network.